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About Ivy Leaf Farms

Ivy Leaf Farms is dedicated to complete neighborhood wellness through food equity in Sunnyside. Sunnyside is a historically black community in Houston, Texas. 

We grow vegetables, host events, build gardens, and maintain a space that allows our neighbors to get in touch with nature and sustainable growing practices. 

Living and educating inside of our community helps to advance our mission.

We have co created and opened Fresh Houwse Grocery- A Farmer Owned Community Operated Grocery Store

We are actively working to solve 

  • Food quality in Houston's Historic Black Neighborhoods ( Sunnyside, South Park , & Acres Homes) 

  • Educate Folks to be able to support themselves with nutrient-dense food and a safe place to relax, decompress, or feel supported mentally and physically.

  • Creating and advocating for Policy for Urban Farming & Houston Homesteaders 

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