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About Ivy Leaf Farms

Ivy Lorraine Walls is a budding farmer, community entrepreneur, and creative visionary located in Houston, Texas.  In 2015, Ivy began her journey selling apparel that praises and captures the essence of black and brown communities through Shop The Ivy Files. 

Her passion for creating change and a sense of community in the people around her led her to create social networks such as Undisputed Excellence, Jeeping While Black and now Ivy Leaf Farms. 

As a graduate of Prairie View A&M University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and minor in Chemistry. Ivy worked full time as an Infection Preventionist. The opportunity to work closely with COVID-19 patients during the current global pandemic, she quickly realized the importance of expediting her farming mobility ventures. Places that were once easy for her fellow community members to access have now become inaccessible due to the fear of the virus. As the pandemic has established an increased need for fresh produce and community development. 

As a Jane of many trades, Ivy Walls hopes to continue nurturing her community while nurturing the world one initiative at a time.

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