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Produce is our Mission, Not our Product 

Farming is not a cheap operation. At Ivy Leaf Farms we strive to keep our produce at low or no cost to community members. In order to maintain this mission. We sell products and host events in Houston. For those of you who live far but want to support a recurring donation is the perfect way.


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Go Fund ME

Please check out our

Go Fund Me for our Farm Expansion  


Ivy Leaf Farms is located in Sunnyside, Houston, Texas. Over the past year the entire farm has cultivated into an amazing place where the entire community can come and grow. As we are scaling to new heights we have decided to make our goals clear and concise. 

Our original mission of: Neighborhood beautification while creating sustainable food sources for the neighborhood has now changed to
Ivy Leaf Farms is committed food equity through complete neighborhood wellness in Houston, Texas


We have the opportunity to expand the farm on 2 new lots in the neighborhood. We also hope to upgrade the amenities at our current location. 

We created this Go Fund me in hopes of enhancing everything around us 

Our overall goal is to expand our 

Harvesting to 100+ Households a month 

We will use the funding from this campaign to do the following:

New 2.5 Acre Location:

  • Funding Goal - $20,950

  • Soil Testing - $50

  • Soil, Compost, & amendments - $2,500 

  • Hoop House - $7,500

  • Seeds- $450

  • Irrigation systems - $1000

  • Water Hoses & fertilizer attachments - $500

  • Shipping container - $5,500 

  • Shed - $3000

  • Permits & License - $450 

Club House Renovation 

  • Funding Goal - $25k 

  • Convert and expand our farm clubhouse into a wash, pack, prep area for harvesting and boxing our community produce.

  • The clubhouse will also serve as our pop up store front and a place for our farm guest to use the restroom, cool off, and wash up.

Dream List 

  • Tractor - $16,000

  • Delivery Truck- $21,000

Items needed for the club house build out include and are open for donations 

  • Walk in cooler 

  • Deep Sinks 

  • Washing Racks 

  • Black Crates 

  • Hoses

  • Concrete Flooring 

  • White Boards 

  • Shelving 

  • Toilets 

  • Bathroom Sink 

  • Dry wall, Dry Wall Screws 

  • Building  Materials etc. 

Any and everything is appreciated as we are growing this farm from the ground up. 
Thank you so much for your love and support of Ivy Leaf Farms 

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