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Meet The TEAM

Ivy Walls 

Owner & Visionary 

Ivy Lorraine Walls is a budding farmer, community entrepreneur, and creative visionary located in Houston, Texas.  In 2015, Ivy began her journey selling apparel that praises and captures the essence of black and brown communities through Shop The Ivy Files. 

Walter Walls

Lead Farmhand 

Walter is an avid outdoorsman and the muscle around Ivy Leaf Farms. As Ivy’s father his hand is what holds the farm together. He has many years of experience in raising animals, growing vegetables, and handy projects. He serves his community in many ways including youth coaching and mentoring. Walter has a deep pride in his family and helps out his children in all the ways possible.

Ashton Holme

Chief Operations

Ashton is a certified happiness coach and mental health consultant based in Houston, TX. After studying biology and chemistry at Prairie View A&M University, Ashton is pursuing a master’s in Psychology at Houston Baptist University to start a career as a holistic psychologist. Through mental healing, he has found peace and many lessons, including self-love, being present in the moment, and the art of patience. After years of practicing whole-body wellness, he is focused on sharing his knowledge with his community. Ashton is a Sunnyside Community Member and a long time friend. We are super excited to have Ashton join and lead operations at the farm.

Ines Fraizer 

Lead Agriculturalist 

is a recent graduated of Prairie View A&M University where she received her B.S. in Agriculture and minor in Chemistry (summa cum laude). She is joining the team as the lead agriculturist she will develop and implement farm plans, improve soil health, and even start our bee program.

To learn more about her journey through agriculture be sure to listen to her TEDx talk.

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